4:1 Small group PT

$65/60 min session

Our 4:1 Small Group Personal Training is a fantastic fit for those looking for a supportive fitness environment. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey and appreciate the motivation of a group, an experienced athlete wanting a bit of social interaction in your workouts, or perhaps you and your friends aim to progress together, this program has got you covered. With the added bonus of individualised workout plans, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of personalised guidance and team spirit in your fitness routine.


$110/60 min session

Our 2:1 Semi-Private Personal Training is ideal for those who desire a more personalised, yet collaborative fitness experience. Whether you’re new to fitness and prefer a smaller setting for comfort, or you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to share the journey with a like-minded individual, this program caters perfectly to your needs. With custom workout plans and a chance to connect with a fitness partner, you’ll enjoy the balance of individual attention and mutual motivation in your exercise routine.

1:1 PT

$145/60 min session

Our 1:1 Personal Training is perfect for those who seek a completely tailored, individualised fitness journey. Whether you’re someone who values privacy, a beginner needing extra guidance and confidence building, or a seasoned athlete with specific, advanced goals, this program is designed to cater to your unique needs. With fully personalized workout plans and one-on-one attention from our experienced trainers, you’ll receive the exclusive guidance and support to reach your fitness goals at your own pace.