Gym buddies are one of the best things when it comes to exercising. You’re more likely to go and have a good time if you know someone is waiting for you, but even better than that, research shows that people who exercise with friends or family members feel less anxiety and stress. Here are five reasons why you should bring a friend to the gym next time you hit up Fitness First Kings Cross 

Read on for 5 reasons why you should try joining forces with a friend at the gym today!

  1. Working out with a friend has been proven to increase your performance and boost your motivation:   We’ve all heard that working out is more fun when you have company. And according to recent studies, it’s true! In fact, they found the likelihood of quitting decreases between 48% and 51%. So if you’re feeling discouraged after past failed attempts at getting in shape on your own. Or want an extra push from someone else who wants what’s best for you. Then having a training buddy might be a solution for you.
  2. Exercising with a friend improves the efficiency of your workouts: One study found that we burn 25% more calories when working out in pairs, and the friendly competition will push you even further into your workout routine. Couples personal training sessions could help both partners reach their fitness goals faster! There’s no need for solo workouts anymore; find someone who’ll keep up with you so that together. They can take on new challenges as well as maintain an active lifestyle at the same time
  3. Exercising with a friend makes fitness  more social: Training with a friend is the perfect way to add some social time into your gym sessions. It will help you feel less lonely and gives your workout sessions purpose. You’ll not only have someone who can keep you motivated. But also will be able to help create that special connection and bond with your training partner.
  4. You will have more fun : There comes a time when your routine becomes boring and repetitive. This does not happen when you exercise  with a friend as a team. When two people are in sync doing the same workout, it’s more fun than just exercising by yourself.  Because of all the laughter that occurs between these shared moments. The feeling is intensified knowing that there will always be somebody to help push through difficult exercises ; or cheer you on during those tough ones; this makes working out seem less tedious which ultimately leads to having an enjoyable experience!
  5. Bringing a friend can make Personal Training more affordable:A personal trainer can be a great way to get in shape, but it is not cheap. However if you have someone with whom you might split the costs of training sessions then this becomes more affordable and opens up new possibilities for your workout regime which could include hiring a personal trainer; or purchasing larger session packages that would normally be possible.

In conclusion, at Advantage Personal Training  we encourage our clients to bring their friends. Whether you goal is to lose weight, build muscles or just get fit. Even if you and your training buddy have different fitness levels; will provide personalised attention that suit everyone’s needs. It’s not always easy to keep up with your fitness routine; and partner training is the perfect way for you and your friend to stay motivated as well as get fit.