Introducing Advantage Personal Training

Advantage Personal Training is considered to be the best (and smartest) choice for personal training in Sydney looking to start their career in the fitness industry.

Our methods and approach to the personal training business GUARANTEES THAT YOU DON’T FAIL.

We have a thorough and comprehensive ‘talent’ selection process by which we end up with the most motivated, enthusiastic and talented young coaches around.

You don’t need to be a ‘finished product’ to get a role with us, but you must to be HIGHLY PASSIONATE AND COMMITTED person that is focused on your career.

So often, personal trainers with so much great potential end up having to quit the fitness industry and go off into different jobs or careers because they failed at building a client base on their own…

With Advantage Personal Training, you will get all the support you need to ensure ‘you make it’ and TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A CAREER.

Our Mission

Our focus is to create a TEAM ENVIRONMENT for our staff that nurtures their unique talents whilst bringing them together to build off each others strengths.

By attracting the top talent around, we are building a team that WILL STAND OUT from the rest with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE to our clients.

By achieving this, we will help THE RIGHT PEOPLE to turn their passion into a career and earn a wage that reflects what they are worth.

What Makes Advantage Personal Training Different From Other Opportunities?

  • Pay NO rent

  • Pay NO start up costs

  • GET CLIENTS given to you

  • LEARN how to attract and sign more clients

  • Access to A WORLD CLASS FACILITY in Sydney’s East

  • BASE SALARY paid to you

  • A VERY GENEROUS incentive scheme to help you earn 6 figures

  • ONGOING education and mentoring

  • Get a SUPERCHARGED education that will fast track your career by 10 years

Who it is NOT for? Do NOT apply if:

  • You need sponsorship to live in Australia

  • You lack the internal drive and motivation to hit your KPI’s and targets

  • You don’t have STRONG people skills

  • You don’t like sales

  • You don’t want to work hard to achieve success

  • You are not prepare to COMMIT to at least 1-2 years in this industry

  • You are not “the product” and don’t train EVERYDAY

  • You are out of shape

(Sorry, not sorry…)

Why You Should Join Our Team?

If you’re READY to:

  • Launch into your career with the right help and support to ensure you make it

  • Don’t want to ‘go it alone’ and try to figure it out by yourself

  • Get the training and education that will turn you from “good to great”

  • Be apart of something ‘bigger than you’ and help us build a special community for a members

Who We Are Looking For:

  • Trainers with a positive and enthusiastic mentality
  • Trainers with a “do what it takes” approach to life

  • Trainers with a body that shows that they mean business

  • Trainers that are passionate about helping people

  • Trainers that are passionate about learning more about exercise science

  • Trainers that are hungry for personal development and with humility and respect for others

  • Trainers that are teachable, coachable and willing to work hard for “the team” In a nutshell… Good humans

Does this sound like you?

Join the forefront of the fitness industry by applying for a role at Advantage Personal Training today.
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